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Registering for Extension

Before You Register

Please review the important information below before registering. In addition, we strongly encourage you to visit our Important Information page before registering for an extension course.

Course Prerequisites and Texas Success Initiative Program (TSIP) Compliance

The Office of Distance and Extended Learning does not verify if course prerequisites or TSIP requirements have been satisfied. Additionally, we cannot advise students on courses to take in fulfillment of degree requirements. We strongly encourage students to meet with their academic advisor before registering for extension courses.

Non-Texas State students will need to provide transcripts or documentation verifying that TSIP requirements and prerequisites have been satisfied. If you are exempt from the testing requirements, please contact the Texas Success Initiative Program Office for a list of acceptable documents you can provide as official proof.

Third-Party Billing via Approved Tuition Assistance Program

Important:  Any Tuition Assistance applied to your University account will NOT be automatically applied to your extension course tuition.

If you want to use Tuition Assistance, please complete the Extension Tuition Assistance Request Form.

For more information regarding third-party billing, approved tuition assistance or exemptions, please visit our Financial Assistance webpage.

Non-Texas Residents

Due to federal regulations, the Office of Distance and Extended Learning is limited in the enrollments we are able to accept from students residing outside of the State of Texas. If you do not reside in Texas and are not planning to relocate to Texas before beginning your course, please visit the State Authorization page to determine whether Texas State may accept student enrollments from your state. If your state is not listed on this page, then please contact to inquire about the current status of your state with regard to this requirement before submitting your enrollment application.  Students from other institutions who wish to transfer Texas State extension credit to their home institutions are responsible for obtaining prior approval of their home institutions.

Online Learning Readiness Self-Assessment

Before enrolling in an online extension course, take the Online Learning Readiness Self-Assessment. This self-assessment will help you determine if online extension courses are a good fit for you. Answer the assessment questions, and you will be given recommendations for success in online learning.

Students Applying for Graduate Courses

Applicants interested in enrolling in a 5000 level or above extension course who are not Texas State graduate students must first contact the Texas State Graduate College. This step must be completed before registration can be finalized into a graduate-level course.

Required Meningitis Vaccination

Extension Studies students enrolling in a course or program that includes any contact with the Texas State campus must provide proof upon enrollment that they have received the meningitis vaccination, or are exempt from receiving the vaccine before registering. For more information, see the Required Meningitis Vaccination page and visit the website of the Texas State Student Health Center.

How to Register

Active Texas State Students

Currently active Texas State students that are eligible to register for a specific term, and with no account holds, may register for extension courses at any time during their assigned registration period for the semester through CatsWeb Self-Service.  Course registration follows the Texas State registration schedule, including dates for late registration and schedule changes.

Important: If you want to use Tuition Assistance, please complete the Extension Tuition Assistance Request Form.

Inactive and Non-Texas State Students

Currently inactive Texas State students and non-Texas State students may enroll in extension courses after filling out the online Enrollment Form for Inactive and Non-Texas State Students. The Office of Distance and Extended Learning will process complete enrollment forms within five business days and send an enrollment verification email with registration instructions. Texas State students not enrolled or not eligible to enroll in Texas State courses for the current or subsequent semester, excluding the summer, may be considered inactive. Students may check their registration status by logging into CatsWeb.

The submission of the Enrollment Form for Inactive and Non-Texas Students is required every semester and does not register you in an extension course.

Your application will be checked for completeness upon receipt. Incomplete applications cannot be processed until all missing information is provided. To avoid any delays, you may want to contact the Office of Distance and Extended Learning to confirm receipt of all necessary paperwork.

Once your complete application is processed, a verification email will be sent with registration instructions. Course registration follows the Texas State registration schedule, including dates for late registration and schedule changes through CatsWeb.

Registration Access Periods

To view Texas State's registration access periods, please visit this link to the Office of the University Registrar.

Tuition, Course Drops and Refunds

Your course tuition will be applied to your regular Texas State bill. All university policies regarding installments, course drops, and refunds apply.

The course drop procedures for dropping an extension course are the same as those for dropping a regular on-campus course. Failure to drop a course before the Drop/Automatic "W" Deadline may result in a reduction of your GPA due to an “F” being assigned. Refer to the Academic Calendar for semester deadlines. Refunds for a dropped extension course are given according to university policy for regular university courses; refer to the Refund Policies and the semester "Drop Refunds" schedules on the Student Business Services website.