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Closed Course Overrides and Registration System Assistance

If you need a Closed Course Override or need technical support with the Texas State registration system, please first review the following information.

All Requests for Assistance

  • The Office of Distance and Extended Learning (ODEL) staff process requests for assistance in the order they are are received, within three business days.
  • The course instructor must provide approval for a Closed Class Override.
  • The ODEL staff process each request for assistance individually, but we cannot guarantee admission / registration for any specific course.

Deadline for Late Registration with a Fee

Please review the Academic Calendar and Time Tickets page, to see if the last day for late registration with a fee has passed. Once the last day for late registration with a fee has passed, it may not be possible for you to gain admission to a course even if the instructor approves.

Department Approved Registration: Late Schedule Changes

After the deadline for late registration with a fee, a Department-Approved Registration override is required, within a brief period for late schedule changes. Note the following requirements:

  • If you already have a class schedule, you will need a Chair Override.
  • If you have not previously registered and do not have a course schedule, you will need a Chair Override, access to the Registrar's Departmental Approval for Late Registration form (to be provided by ODEL staff, upon review), and will be subject to a $200 fee.

Registration Issues

If you have attempted registration and received an error, then on the Student Request for Admittance to a Full or Closed Course, describe the type of error you have received, so we can review your registration issues and provide assistance.


After receiving an e-mail from ODEL indicating that you were granted a course override or can now register, you must go back and register for the course to add the course to your schedule within the respective registration period.

Request Form for Assistance

To request a Closed Course Override or to request assistance with technical issues in the registration system, complete and submit the Student Request for Admittance to a Full or Closed Course. An ODEL staff member will process your request within three business days.