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The Texas State Office of Distance and Extended Learning is proud to offer courses through extension credit to students at a reasonable and competitive cost. Course tuition and fees below apply to extension courses offered through academic departments on campus or online, as well as to extension courses offered in Study-in-America programs.

Course Tuition and Fees

                                         Face-to Face                 Online

           3 Hour Course        $862.71                        $892.71
           4 Hour Course        $1,150.28                     $1,190.28

           3 Hour Course        $1,012.71                     $1,042.71

Students enrolled in online courses will pay an online fee of $10 per credit hour in addition to tuition costs.

Study-in-America Program Fees

In addition to tuition, Study-in-America (SIA) students pay a one-time Program Fee, which pays additional costs associated with the field location for the program. Visit the Study-in-America and Off-Campus Programs page for fees for specific SIA programs.


Note that refunds are processed according to the university’s refund policies.