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The Texas State Office of Distance and Extended Learning is proud to offer courses through extension credit to students at a reasonable and competitive cost. Course tuition and fees below apply to the following:

  • extension courses offered through academic departments on campus or online
  • CPM courses taken for academic credit
  • extension courses offered in Study-in-America programs (these programs have an additional Program Fee — see below)

Course Tuition and Fees

Extension course tuition rates are as follows:

Undergraduate Course Face-to-Face Online
3 Hour Course $922.08 $952.08
4 Hour Course $1,229.44 $1,269.44


Graduate Course Face-to-Face Online
3 Hour Course $1,072.08 $1,102.08

The online tuition rates above include an online fee of $10 per credit hour.

Study-in-America Program Fees

In addition to tuition, Study-in-America (SIA) students pay a one-time Program Fee, which pays additional costs associated with the field location for the program. Visit the Study in America Programs page for fees for specific SIA programs.


Note that refunds are processed according to the university’s refund policies.