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Academic Field Trips

Kimbell Art Museum Field Trip

The Kimbell Art Museum Field Trip was held on Sunday, April 14, 2019. Tickets cost $50.00 each, and students were limited to the purchase of 2 tickets.  Kimbell Museum

Program Description and Itinerary:

The School of Music and Music 2313 instructor, Daris Hale, were excited to offer a bus trip to Fort Worth to visit the Kimbell Museum and The Modern. All times below are estimates and subject to change.

View a Copy of the April 2019 Trip Itinerary

Guests: Students had the option to bring a guest, as long as they bought the ticket for their guest.

Refunds: There were no refunds for this field trip.

Dress: "Casual"

Food: Students had the option to bring their own lunch and dinner, or bring money to dine at local eateries in the museum district and fast food on the way back to campus. 

Bus Entertainment: The bus played art flicks/documentaries for students to enjoy.

Stay tuned for future field trips.