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Project SUPERB

This class will meet on the Texas State University campus during the 2018 summer semester and will include a field trip to the Llano Grande community.


2018 Summer Semester:  May 21 - June 1, 2018

Travel Dates: May 14 - June 1, 2018

Class:   Meets regularly during the summer 2018 semester.

Required:   Field trip to the Llano Grande community

What You Will Learn

Students gather around a table in the Llano Grande community during their Study-in-America program This "Language,  Culture, and Lived Experience" course is a dynamic exercise in the exploration of the self, cultural immersion, and Spanish language acquisition in cultural context. The learning journey promises to engage participants in critical self-reflection,  as they create and recreate their own narratives through a cultural and language aesthetic that promises to push the boundaries of their imagination.

The Llano Grande community, a nationally renowned community based group founded for the purpose of building cultural assets with public school students, teachers, and families will facilitate this process in tandem with Texas State professors and community members.

Students will read from an interdisciplinary literature list that comes from education, sociology, anthropology,  and economics. The readings will be augmented by community experience that include a number of complex and interrelated issues that contribute to the development  of lived experiences of children, families and school personnel including demographic  shifts, culture, language, race, gender, power, politics and economics to name a few. Students will engage in conversations  with citizens in the local community and classmates to learn about community issues as they expand their understanding  of school and community and the manner in which language and culture influence their development.

Course Options

SPSY 5389  Language, Culture and Lived Experience CRN 52933

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Llano Grande