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Idaho Bikepacking

This program includes pre-program orientation meetings on the Texas State University campus in the summer 2022 semester, will meet for class on the Texas State University campus during the 2022 summer semester, and will also include a seven-day field trip to study outdoor recreation in Boise, Idaho in July 2022. 

What You Will Learn

Students backpack in New Mexico on a snow covered ridgeStudents will learn and apply principles and procedures for developing and leading recreation programs in a variety of specialized outdoor environments. You will learn and practice "Leave No Trace" principles and manage risk and emergencies in an outdoor environment during virtual and local experiences. This course is taught in cooperation with the Texas State University - Outdoor Center. 

Prerequisites: REC1330 Leisure and Outdoor Recreation.


Summer 2022 Term: May 31 - July 25, 2022

Program Travel: July 6 - July 13, 2022

Course Meetings: Meets regularly during the summer 2022 semester

Orientation Meetings: 

  • May 31, 2022
  • June 30, 2022

Required: Seven-day field trip to Boise, Idaho

Course Options

REC 4335 Outdoor Recreation Programming  CRN TBD

Students register for three (3) credit hours during this program.

Tuition and Program Fee

3 Hours (1 Course) Undergraduate TBD

The course tuition and program fee will be billed and paid through SBS Billing and Payment.

Additional Program Fee

The additional program fee includes lodging, campsite fees, entrance fees, and on-site transportation: TBD

Drops and Refunds

All university policies regarding installments, course drops, and refunds apply to all billed and paid tuition and program fees.

Important COVID-19 Information

All participants in Texas State Study in America programs adhere to the health guidelines in the Texas State University Roadmap, including the Health and Safety Measures and Student Roadmap page. The guidelines provided for protecting health and safety on campus also apply to field locations and travel in this Study in America program.

The field/travel portion of the program is subject to change and/or cancellation. If the field portion of the program is canceled, course instruction will continue virtually, but Texas State Study in America will refund the additional program fee (not course tuition).

Applying to the Program

  1. Complete and submit the program application
  2. Complete and submit the Approval Request to Travel during an Ongoing Pandemic form immediately after submitting the program application
  3. Receive approval from Dr. Deringer and the Office of Distance and Extended Learning
  4. Complete and submit the Health Information Form for Study in American form
  5. Register for your program's courses

Registering for Courses

Once approved and after submitting the required information, register for your course through the Student Information System/CatsWeb during the regular university registration period.

For more information about the content of the course/program, please contact Dr. Anthony Deringer.

For questions about applying/registering, please contact the Office of Distance and Extended Learning.