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Antelope Creek Archaeological Field School at Cross Bar Ranch

A photo of Antelope CreekThis class will include four weeks of hands-on training in archaeological field methods at the Cross Bar Ranch, an area with preservation of Antelope Creek farmsteads and archaic hunter-gatherer sites. Students will also have access to the Alibates Flint Quarries. The field school will be based at the Cross Bar Ranch, which is located 15 miles north of Amarillo, Texas, within the Canadian Breaks in the Southern Plains. The final week will be spent in San Marcos, learning artifact classification and curation methods at the Center for Archaeological Studies lab on campus.



2019 Summer Semester I

Class:   Meets during the off-campus component / field trip only.

Required:   Field trip to Shumla Archaeological Research and Education Center (Shumla), which is located 50 miles west of Del Rio, Texas, within the Lower Pecos Canyonlands: May 28 - June 23, 2019

What You Will Learn

Students study in the fieldThe field school will be focused on teaching students the essential research skills required in traditional archaeology. The field research will take place on the northern edge of the Southern Plains overlooking the Canadian River valley with incised canyons and vast prairies. We will be excavating a small Antelope Creek farmstead, know as 41PT96, which overlooks the Canadian River. Students will also learn how to conduct archaeological surveys. This summer’s research is part of an extended project that has focused on the archaeology of the Southern Plains. We have excavated two other sites on the Ranch and continue to provide important evidence of these unique inhabitants of the Southern Plains.

  • Students will learn how to develop a research design and data collection protocols.
  • Students will learn field methods for documenting and sampling archaeological sites and deposits, including digital photography, 3D mapping, laying out excavation units, hand excavation using arbitrary and natural layers, and stratigraphic profiling.
  • Students will learn laboratory procedures, record-keeping, cataloging, and record curation.
  • Students will compare and contrast current theories regarding natural and cultural formation processes.
  • Students will become familiar with the foraging and horticultural adaptations and the archaeology of the Southern Plains region.
  • Students will have prepared a detailed field journal for future reference and research ideas.

Course Options

ANTH 4630 Archeology Field Studies (undergraduate) CRN 353139

Students pose for a picture at Cross Bar Ranch


Tuition and Program Fee

Tuition for three hours of undergraduate university credit (one course):  $808.74

Additional costs / program fee include lodging, course materials, supplies and transportation:  TBD

Course tuition and program fee will be billed and paid through SBS Billing and Payment.

Applying to the Course/Program

Important:  To ensure your place in this course/program you must have received approval from Dr. Britt Bousman and submitted the application and documents below.

     Registration will open soon -->  Archaeological Field School at Cross Bar Ranch Program Application

Important:  In addition to the completed online application (link above), the following documents must also be submitted.  You will be asked to attach them electronically to your application:

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Registering for Courses

You must register for your course though the Student Information System/Catsweb during the regular University registration period.

For more information about the content of the course/program, please contact Dr. Britt Bousman.

For questions about appying/registering, please contact the Office of Distance and Extended Learning.