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Sustainable Chicago: Exploring the city’s cultural, historical and professional connections to interior design

Chicago skyline as seen from the lake.

Chicago is a center for architectural and interior design history and practice. It provides students with exposure to a first-hand glimpse of the important architectural and decorative movements in American history. It also is the center for the interior design profession as the host of NEOCON, the worlds largest interior design conference held every June.
Students will visit significant architectural and interior sites such as the Chicago Art Institute, buildings by Mies Van de Roe, and Frank Lloyd Wright, and explore sustainable architectures and urban landscapes in Millennium Park. The highlight is attendance at the interior design conference at NEOCON in the Merchandise Mart which will provide students access to national and international designers, brands, and thought leaders in wellness and sustainability for the built environment. This unique opportunity will assist Interior Design students to make vital networking connections for future employment.

Program is subject to change and pending approval from the Texas State Board of Regents.


Program Travel: June 9, 2021 through June 19, 2021.

Courses will meet on the Texas State University campus in San Marcos twice before the field trip and twice after the field trip.

Orientation Meetings: June 1, 2021, and June 7, 2021 

Course Meetings: June 1, 2021, June 7, 2021, June 29 2021, July 1, 2021

Required:   Field trip to Chicago, IL.

Course Options 


Professional Practices



Interiors and Architecture



Special Topics in Interior Design


Tuition and Program Fee

3 Hour Course


4 Hour Course


Additional Program Fee, which includes lodging, on-site transportation, and admission fees:  TBD

Important Note: Airfare, meals, and personal expenses are not included in the Program Fee. 

Additional costs / program fee Cost TBD

Course tuition and program fee will be billed and paid through SBS Billing and Payment.

Drops and Refunds

All university policies regarding installments, course drops, and refunds apply to all billed and paid tuition and program fees.

Important Covid-19 Information

All participants in Texas State Study in America programs adhere to the health guidelines in the Texas State University Roadmap, including the Health and Safety Measures and Student Roadmap page. The guidelines provided for protecting health and safety on campus also apply to field locations and travel in this Study in America program.

The field/travel portion of the program is subject to change and/or cancellation. If the field portion of the program is cancelled, course instruction will continue virtually, but Texas State Study in America will refund the additional program fee (not course tuition).

Applying to the Courses/Program

Important:  To ensure your place in this course/program you must complete the program application and then receive approval from Dr.Taylor

Applications are not yet open for this program.

Registering for Courses

After applying for and being accepted into the program, you must also register for your course though the Student Information System/Catsweb during the regular University registration period.

For more information about the content of the course/program, please contact Ms.Kathleen Fritz and Mr.Peter Dedeck. For questions about appying/registering, please contact the Office of Distance and Extended Learning.