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Historical and Multicultural Issues in Communication Disorders

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic this Spring 2021 program has been canceled.

A diverse group of people are discussing issues with one another.

Upon successful completion of this course, students will master the ability to distinguish between communication disorders and communication differences, with consideration given to linguistic and cultural factors in language and social communication (ASHA Standard IV-C), the ability to analyze the typical development and characteristics of American Sign Language (ASL) and African American English (AAE) (ASHA Standard IV-C), the ability to describe the historical development of and current legal and administrative basis for speech-language pathology and audiology services in the US (ASHA Standard IV-G), and to articulate the ethical principles guiding both research and clinical practice in speech-language pathology and audiology in the US (ASHA Standard IV-E).  

Rockville MD houses the American-Speech-Language-Hearing Association, which is the agency that credentials all speech-language-pathologists and audiologists in the United States. Visiting the ASHA headquarters and meeting with the Director of School Services will help prepare students for their professional careers. The many museums in the area will offer multicultural experiences that cannot be easily duplicated on our campus in Round Rock.

Students will visit Howard University, which is a highly respected HBCU that grants doctorates in Communication Disorders. They will also visit Gallaudet University, where the majority of students are Deaf and communicate in American Sign Language. At these schools, students will get to meet and interact with faculty at the top of their fields and with fellow students in Communication Disorders. There is not the density of African American or Deaf scholars in our program in Round Rock that there will be in DC. It will offer our students the chance to immerse themselves in a very different world.

Program is subject to change and pending approval from the Texas State Board of Regents.


Program Travel: July 26, 2021 through August 4, 2021.

Courses will meet on the Texas State University campus in San Marcos 3 times during the first two weeks of the program and once after the trip.

Orientation Meetings: July 5, 2021, July 12,2021, July 19, 2021

Course Meetings:  July 5, 2021 through August 5, 2021.

Required:   Field trip to Howard University, and Gallaudet University.


Course Options 

CDIS 4301

Historical and Multicultural Issues in Communication Disorders


Tuition and Program Fee


3 Hour Course


Additional Program Fee, which includes lodging, on-site transportation, and admission fees:  TBD

Important Note: Airfare, meals, and personal expenses are not included in the Program Fee. 

Additional costs / program fee Cost TBD

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Important Covid-19 Information

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The field/travel portion of the program is subject to change and/or cancellation. If the field portion of the program is cancelled, course instruction will continue virtually, but Texas State Study in America will refund the additional program fee (not course tuition).

Applying to the Courses/Program

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