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CPM / Extension Course Application

Important: A completed application is required for each semester

Are you presently working in the public or not-for-profit sector? *

If yes, please enter your current job title and the name of your organization below.  

Previous or Current Affiliation with Texas State University

If you are a former or current Texas State University student, you have previously applied for a Texas State course or program, or you have worked for Texas State University or the Texas State University System, then the Office of Distance and Extended Learning must associate this application for CPM / extension study with your previous Texas State ID. 

Are you a Texas State student? *
Date of Birth
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Attention Students Applying for Graduate Courses

Note:  If you are enrolling in a 5000 level or above extension course, you must first contact the Texas State Graduate College.

Are you currently on suspension from any college or university? *



Residency Status

Students registering for extension courses, as determined by the university, will automatically be considered as “non-resident" status. Being in "non-resident" status will not affect the fees charged for your extension course(s). If an applicant or student is classified as a non-resident and wishes to be reclassified as a resident, then the srudent should complete the residency paperwork available at the Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

Texas Success Initiative (TSIP)

All Texas residents taking courses for credit (including extension courses) must be compliant with Texas Success Initiative requirements.  Please answer the following questions.

Are you exempt from the required assessment? *
Have you taken the required assessment? *

If you are not a Texas State student, but are a Texas resident, you must provide evidence of Texas Success Initiative compliance along with this application. Evidence includes an unofficial transcript of college courses earned or a college diploma (which can be scanned and attached to this application).

Additional evidence of TSIP compliance includes qualifying SAT/ACT, TAKS, THEA or approved alternative test scores. Students from private institutions must provide a copy of their latest semester transcript or grade report, or a letter of good standing from their university. If you are unsure about your TSIP status and requirements, contact the University TSIP Program Office at 512-245-3942.

Financial Aid and Scholarships

Federal financial aid and Pell Grant programs require that students be enrolled in programs leading to a degree or some other educational credential to be eligible for financial aid. Students enrolled solely in extension studies courses may not be eligible; please contact the Texas State Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships for more information. Extension courses are considered part of your course load for the purpose of determining eligibility for the amount of federal financial aid received by Texas State students. If you have questions regarding financial aid and scholarships, contact the Texas State Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at 512.245.2315.

Tuition Assistance: Third-Party Billing

If you will not be paying for your extension course(s) because of third-party billing such as your employer, Chapter 33, or Texas Tomorrow Fund, please attach documentation.

If you are planning to use tuition assistance / 3rd party billing for CPM courses, please contact Ms. Marilyn Balanoff, Office of Distance & Extended Learning at or 512-422-8955.

Meningitis Vaccination

As of January 1, 2012, Texas law requires all new college students under 23 years of age to be inmmunized against bacterial meningitis before they enroll in an institution of higher education.  State law mandates that first-time college students, students transferring from another institution, and students who are re-enrolling following a break of at least one fall or spring semester be inoculated against the illness.  A hold is automatically applied to all students' records, and the hold remains for students who do not satisfy the requirements of this regulation.  If you have this hold on your record, you will be unable to register for classes without first providing proof of vaccination, exemption, or a waiver.

Are you exempt from the vaccination because of your age or previous enrollment status?
Have you received the required meningitis vaccination? *

If you answered yes, but have not provided documentation online through Magnus, you can do so at  Once you provide documentation, your hold will be lifted.

If you are enrolling only in an online extension course or program with no face-to-face component, you are exempt from the required vaccination, but will need to complete a waiver, available through the Office of Distance and Extended Learning.

Your hold will be automatically lifted if you qualify for these exemptions.


If your course requires a prerequisite and you are not currently a student at Texas State or have no transcripts on file with the university, you will be required to submit an official transcript. Official transcripts from universities other than Texas State should be mailed to the Office of Distance & Extended Learning, 601 University Drive, San Marcos, TX 78666. Texas State academic departments will determine if the course satisfies the prerequisite requirement. Official transcripts from Texas State University are not required.


If you have a hold on your account, it will prevent you from being able to register.

You can check for holds on the Admissions web site.

Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA)

FERPA protects the privacy of the student education records and guarantees students' access to their own records.  In order for the Office of Distance and Extended Learning to release or discuss a student's academic record with a specified third party a Grant Access Student's Record Form must be on file with the University.  Go to to print the form.  Complete the form and upload.

Academic Honesty *

Disability Notification

Please note that additional information about accommodations for disabilities is available at the Office of Disability Services, Room 5-5.1 LBJ Student Center, or 512.245.3451 (Voice TTY).

Extension Credit Courses Policies

Extension credit courses are administered through the Office of Distance and Extended Learning.

The following important policies govern extension credit courses.  Failure to follow the policies and procedures for dropping an extension course may result in a reduction of your GPA due to an "F" being assigned.

1.  Drop Refund - Refunds for a dropped extension course are given according to university policy for regular university courses on campus.  Refer to the Registrar's Web site for more information.

2.  Enrollment in an extension course does not constitute official admission into the university, and those not admitted to Texas State may take extension courses.

3.  Students from other institutions who wish to transfer extension credit should obtain prior approval of their home institution and are responsible for ascertaining whether or not credit for an extension course will transfer to their home institution.

4.  Students may enroll in an extension course for Audit only with prior approval from the instructor and if space is available.  Payment is required in full for Audit only enrollments.

5.  If enrollment in extension courses will create an academic overload, students must have prior approval of their college dean.

6.  Transcript records are maintained for all credit earned by extension.

7.  Those employed as teachers may present for credit toward a certificate or degree not more than 6 hours during one public school year. 

8.  A maximum of 30 semester hours for Texas State credit may be completed through a combination of correspondence and extension courses.

9.  Students on active suspension from Texas State are not eligible to enroll in courses for extension credit.

10.  Texas residents or persons attending public colleges or universities in Texas are subject to compliance with Texas Success Initiative regulations.   

11.  Extension coursework completed through Texas State counts toward a student's GPA and may be applied toward residency requirements for graduation with a bachelor's degree.  Hours and grades earned through Texas State extension courses are counted in the hours required to be eligible for Dean's List and in the GPA calculation for Dean's List.  Also, hours earned through Texas State extension courses are counted in the hours required to be eligible to graduate with honors and in the GPA calculation for honors. 

12.  Due to Department of Education regulations, the Office of Distance and Extended Learning is limited in the enrollments we are able to accept from students residing in states outside of Texas.  If you are not a Texas resident, please contact the Office of Distance and Extended Learning before you register to confirm that you reside in a state from which we have authorization to enroll you in an extension course.  A list of states we are currently able to accept enrollments from can be found on the Distance and Extended Learning website.   

13.  Once a registration form has been submitted, no changes can be made to the college credit request.

14.  The completion of this application does not guarantee enrollment in the class.  The following are required for official enrollment:

  • One completed Extension Course Application per course
  • Completed tuition assistance request forms must be received no later than the twelfth class day for fall and spring semesters, and the fourth class day for summer semesters (if applicable).
  • Verification of TSIP compliance (if applicable)
  • Proof of meningitis vaccination or exemption (if applicable)

15.  Enrollment in an extension course will be accepted up to and including the final day for schedule changes as listed in the Schedule of Classes.  Check the Schedule of Classes for this date.