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Mass Communication

Mass Communication 3355: Mass Media and Society

This course offers an examination of the roles of the mass media in American society, including an analysis of the philosophical basis of media structure; mass media as business; media effects of public issues, morals and tastes; and other contemporary issues within a global media context.

Mass Communication 4302: History of Mass Media

Note:  This is an online course that requires no on-campus class meetings.

For spring 2017, this course will require online proctored examinations!

MC 4302 students will study the development of (American) mass media, advertising and public relations from 1690 to the present.

Required Materials

Covering America: A Narrative History of a Nation's Journalism by Chris Daly

Also, mini-lectures, lecture notes, videos and additional readings are included in each Learning Module.

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For more information about applying and registering for this course, contact the Office of Distance and Extended Learning.

Mass Communication 4305: Theories of Mass Communication

A study of the predominant theories of communication, including mass media effects, functions and controls.

Mass Communication 4382L: Feature Writing

This course is designed to introduce students to the technical expertise, research methods, interviewing skills and narrative techniques pertinent to feature writing. The course also explores how to target a feature story to a specific audience and how to submit feature stories for publication to newspapers and magazines.

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